Wedding planner

An application built on open source commonground components

With the wedding planner we realize components (both registration components and user interface) with which municipalities can set up a properly functioning wedding process. In this way we add value and unburden citizens when planning a wedding.

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With the wedding planner we develop a tool that makes planning a wedding easier makes for future bridal couples. So that they can record location, date and wedding official digitally can plan, just from the couch, during the weekend, without having to contact the municipality for it need for additional explanation.

When planning a wedding, a notification is immediately sent, and checks are immediately made performed on being allowed to marry. In this way, respondents immediately know whether there are any objections. It file, including notification, is submitted for processing in the BRP and BS. Citizens becomes better served digitally, and actions for civil servants are limited (savings).

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The wedding planner project arose from a merger of projects from the municipality of Utrecht and the covenant municipalities. These projects had such a lot of overlap and connected that in the context of common ground and together they organize being together gone.


The wedding planner project is being developed in co-creation by a number of parties. Utrecht, Almere and Hoorn are participating from the municipalities. Conduction is from the start involved as a developing party and during the process, Eend joined as expert on the front end.

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Mapping current results of Utrecht and the Covenant Municipalities


Who is going to do what and when

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Better connection to
Common Ground

User research with fidelity

UX redesign of the customer

Drawing up implementation

Development user interface
“free marriage”

“free marriage”